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Paul Olsen is an artist born in San Francisco whose works include some of the most popular psychedelic posters of the 60's, fine art paintings that have appeared in many films including Woody Allen's "Play It Again, Sam," movie titles including Terminator 2 and The Abyss for James Cameron, the classic Robin Trower album cover series, plus titles for many TV stations and shows. He also airbrushed all the surface detail on the Starship Enterprise for the first Star Trek movie.
He's a rock drummer and has played with many great English and American musicians.
Paul is working on several books and screenplays and directing a series of videos starring his brother-in-law doctor. Though The Book of Love was written mostly in England, he currently lives in LA.


Paul is just a bit of a "man's man" and loves women and has had a lot of experience with them. All guys know what guys are like, and for the first time Paul unmasks men totally for you in a way you can understand, (his friends will be ticked off for telling women what men are REALLY like and revealing all men's secrets that they keep from women on pain of death!) and gives you all the strategies you will need to be incredibly successful and happy with men...and how to meet that Right Man for you, of course. In the Men's Book he teaches men how to please women and how to appreciate and treat them. Jing and Jang!

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