About Men

Well....we could have left this page blank(!), but actually there is a lot to know about men that seems to flummox women.

Men certainly understand themselves, just as YOU understand yourselves, but you don't understand us and we don't understand you. There are powerful, simple, and clear natural reasons for this puzzle, and it's ESSENTIAL for our survival that we are a mystery to each other, as you will learn in The Book of Love. Looked at in one way, it may seem a very odd way for Nature to proceed, but in fact, it's exquistely elegant. You'll "get it," and once you do, the whole of mankind will become available to you.

Here are a few of the basics: men are very simple...we are not nearly as complex, devious, or circumspect as you! That's why you get us wrong all the time because you think there has to be more there. This is all explained fully so you can finally UNDERSTAND men, so you will know what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do regarding them. Once you understand where men are coming from, you will be able to make the right choices among those you attract. And when you finish The Book of Love, you'll attract plenty!

You will also learn the one Great Mistake most women make with men.

This sounds painfully obvious, but men are different than women, and there is a good reason for this. Many women want men to be more like them...why? It's the DIFFERENCES between us that make the Whole Enchilada work! The Book of Love explains why this is so, and once you understand what's going on, the blinders will fall from your eyes so you can enjoy men and revel in the differences between you and them, rather then be frustrated by those differences. You will become a woman who is attractive to men and with whom men want to be and enjoy. You will understand them and enjoy men for what they are...and what they are not! And they will love you for it.

You will become much more of a woman in the process. The more woman you are, the more attractive you will be.

The essential mystery will still be there to entice you, but it won't frustrate you. On the contrary, you'll want as much of it as you can get. It's like camping: if you don't know much about living rough outdoors, it could drive you nuts and you'd be uncomfortable and just want to go home. If you know about camping, you can really enjoy it and look forward to the experience. 'Just a different mindset.

In all species there is the attraTED sex, and the attracTIVE sex. In birds, the males are attracTIVE and the females are attracTED because the females have to be "plain" to camouflage their eggs. This opens the door for the males to be the colorful ones who flash their feathers and shake their tales to excite the girls.

In humans, it's the opposite, of course. Men just love to watch you flash your feathers and shake YOUR tails! See? Simple.

Men are interested in sex for its own sake, while you are interested in love (and sex). Hence the design of the cover of this book which reflects our SEEMINGLY mutually exclusive desires with each other. The Book of Love explains why this is so, and why it HAS to be that way. It all has to do with genes and how we are both hard-wired so differently right out of the box so Nature's program is adhered to and we survive as a species. Men think about sex THIRTY-FIVE TIMES more than women! Once you understand why men are wired the way they are---and why YOU are wired the way YOU are---The Book of Love then gives you the tools and strategies to complete a circuit that won't fizzle or explode, but will arcweld your man to you exclusively and (most important) voluntarily. You will have to unlearn a lot of collective, flawed feminine "wisdom" regarding men to access these strategies, but The Book of Love shows you how to do it and how to be successful with any man.

Men are driven to provide, consequently what they do is very important to them. Many women fall in love with a driven, successful man and then become frustrated when his work comes before the woman in his life. The Book of Love demonstrates the many mistakes and misconceptions women make regarding men, and teaches you how to avoid those pitfalls.

Men really enjoy the company of other men. This frustrates many women who feel left out, neglected, or sidelined. The Book of Love shows you how to deal with this and turn it to your advantage.

The Book of Love will give you the confidence to engage men at any level...you'll be in on the gameplan---you'll see behind the man-curtain for the first time and understand how it all works. You'll also become the best lover your man has EVER been with because you will know what excites and tantalizes him and you'll gain the confidence to do it with moxie!

A woman who knows how to please a man will bind him to her.

You will also learn how to develop and apply the most powerful aspect of your feminine being to inspire your man, giving him the ability and the juice to exceed his current talents many times over. This is a potential most women don't even realize they possess. It is THE most important quality you can bring to the relationship table. You will learn all about this critical charm and how to engage it. This will make you an incredibly desirable woman to ANY man and will make any relationship soar.

The Book of Love exists SOLELY because of one woman's inspiration.

And if you give your man (or any man) a copy of The Book of Love, he will become the greatest lover you have ever had, and a man who knows how to lovingly tease and treat his woman. To push all your buttons in just the right way!