About Women

from the author:

Well...I could write a book about THIS subject!

In The Book of Love you will learn why women are the way they are and act the way they do. It's fascinating to finally SEE what is really going on with them...and this is stuff they aren't even aware of themselves. But actions speak louder than words, and The Book of Love is based on what women DO, not what they say.

If you listen to what a woman says and then do the opposite, you will actually hit more home runs than if you do what she "wants" you to do or thinks she wants you to do. Why are they so seemingly contradictory? This is the essential paradox of their nature because they have been placed in an insane asylum constructed by US!

Let me explain: we think we are much more interested in sex than they are...and on a certain, immediate level that's true. But women have MUCH more capacity for sex than we do on many more levels, including the purely physical. Any woman, for instance...ANY woman, can have multiple orgasms one after the other...it's up to you to learn how to release that potential and incredible pleasure within her....which gives you tremendous pleasure as well, of course.

Let me give you one example (and The Book of Love is loaded with them): I met a gorgeous business woman who let me know straight away that there was NO way in hell I was going to crack her...so just stay away, OK? I stuck at it and kept getting the stiff-arm and one day got fed up and grabbed her and kissed her. She devoured me, and when she finally caught her breath, she panted, "What took you so long?" She then wanted me to pose her (one great advantage of being an artist...ALL women want to be painted and photographed in the nude. ALL of them---and I explain why) and while she was laying there, she began to writhe and tease and tantalize me like a porn queen. What was going on? I asked her if I was seeing Lucy Two or Lucy Three...she came back with, "No, this is Lucy One!"

They are all exhibitionists...just watch them dance.

Every woman is exactly the same, my friend. EVERY woman. You just have to learn the secret of unlocking her door...and most of them have never had it unlocked, and will she love you when you do it. They just love exciting us and turning us on. But as most men don't have a clue about women, most women are confined to a one-dimensional sexual existence.

Here's a perfect, recent example: I live in LA and have known a very outwardly proper, conservative woman in England for several years. There was never any hint of interest from her. I called her the other day and said I would be in England for a week over New Year's and she came back with, "I'll go shopping and get a black suspender (garter) belt, sheer black stockings, and high heel pumps...that will be your Christmas present!" It's there in ALL of them.

Women are MUCH more carnal than we are...I don't care how much you love sex and all the trimmings, they love it more. The reason they have such conflicting attitudes about it is because their behavior has been defined by "righteous" stupid and controlling men for thousands of years who knew fuck-all about women, and could care less. They just wanted to control them and keep them cloistered to themselves, dictating their behavior. Think about it...when did we "give" them the vote, hmmm?

If you fling enough BS at somebody long enough, some of it sticks, you know?

Since most ancient societies were run by men, women were second-class citizens (and still are in most of the world) and were not allowed to develop and indulge their own, true nature. And their true nature is that they are ravenous! Or have the potential to be. The Book of Love will teach you how to pick her locks and liberate her from the insane prison we have constructed around her that makes no sense to her, but she thinks it should, because it's been rammed down her throat since she was a baby, and all women's throats since dot.

"Girls are supposed to act this way, and not do this and not do that."


No wonder they are all mixed up. It's up to you to break down her walls and lead her into the sunshine. But then hang on, 'cause you will release feminine forces you may not be equipped to handle! But man, is it EXHILARATING! Ever driven a classic Jag when it's firing on all cylinders? Yow-eee!

You will learn all about submission, and why it is such a critical, deep-seeded mechanism in her, and how the two of you can explore this exciting playground which will ratchet your sex life up several notches.

Sex is sex to us...but to her, it's a whole other thing---it's all wrapped up with her ultimate goal: to conceive and give birth. That's her role in Nature, and it's her responsibility to make sure we survive as a species. We are just interested in planting our seeds in any garden whose gates we can open, right? Mutually exclusive goals. A girl gives up her true desires when she has casual sex, and in the Women's Book she is taught that YOU give up your natural desires in an exclusive relationship. There's the whole gamut of these sorts of conundrums in The Book of Love and how to turn these lemons into lemonade for both of you.

Another important thing you will learn is why you MUST be strong for your woman. This underpins any successful relationship...the man has to be The Man, regardless of what she may say. It's all explained, and you will "get it." And she will love you for it.

The Book of Love lays this all out before you and shows you how to take this seeming incompatibility and turn it on its head, opening the Gates of Creation for you and enabling you to find THE woman of your dreams who will excite and inspire you and keep you guessing all through your life...keeping you ALIVE.

Women give us our lives through incredible hassle and pain I don't even want to think about, then they give us their most precious gifts, then they inspire us and make us better men than we ever thought we could be (especially if they've read the Women's Book!), and THEN they give us life again by giving us children. How can we ever thank them enough? When you finish The Book of Love, you will have the Full Picture of Existence, and how the Whole Enchilada works, and how truly wonderful women can be (as well as being a royal pain-in-the-ass). But that just makes it exciting! Life isn't meant to be predictable...it's meant to be a challenge.

You just have to find the right woman...The Book of Love shows you how to do just that.

Go to it!