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The Book of Love © copyright 2003 Paul Olsen

You don't have to wonder anymore!

The Book of Love explains why we act the way we do (especially with the opposite sex), offers new explanations for sexual behavior, is saucy and serious, and is spiced with humorous quotes that pepper and complement the material in the book. The Book of Love also packs a life-changing punch that will put you on the High Road to life...where unlimited success and personal power can be yours for the taking. But it's NOT a namby-pamby psychological bunch of mumbo-jumbo claptrap. The Book of Love is a powerful, funny read that will have you up all night turning pages. I've dedicated the book to my two great heroes of the 20th century: Muhammad Ali and Mae that should give you some idea of where I'm coming from. The Book of Love will show you how to become successful and true to your inner nature and, most importantly, how attract that perfect someone: your true soulmate.
You'll also learn how to be the greatest lover any woman you bed has ever been with.

You are gonna like this book!

Paul Olsen