Paul: So who the hell am I and why do I know so much about women?

The Haight-Ashbury 60's revolution coupled with rock and roll and the inspiration of a beautiful woman.

Since I was four I was obsessed with girls---Barbara was her name---and was always chasing them and had lots of girlfriends all through school. I love women. You'll read some funny stories about my pursuits. I really began to lust after women as I became a teenager, of course. Already I was building up an unconscious "database" about women's behavior and how to apply that knowledge to get that sweet thing we all love. Success breeds success, and the girls in college were more than happy to spend time with a guy who knew how to treat and tantalize them and who really let them know up front that he fancied them. Women love being lusted after....they live for it. You'll learn why in The Book of Love.

The the Haight-Ashbury explosion came along on the heels of the dispersion of The Pill, the combination of which forced the last remaining lock off the girlie gates. Their minds AND their bodies were liberated in one fell swoop and they couldn't wait to indulge their newfound freedom. Beautiful women were everywhere and aching for could walk down Haight street and walk right up to any girl and ask her if she wanted to come back to your pad, just like that, and they ALL would. Sex was top of the agenda in the Haight and us guys were in kitty heaven! It was MORE than everyone was saying it was. Really.

With two others, I formed a poster company in the Haight called Funky Features. We were Funky Sam, Funky Jack, and Funky Paul. Sam was the REAL master with the women and I learned much from just being around was fascinating to see how he could score multiple women anywhere he went. So much so, he boasted to Jack and I that he could pick up four women a day for a month straight. We bet a hundred bucks he couldn't. Jack and I lost our money. I didn't mind, because many times Sam would walk into the house with 4 or 5 women in tow several times a day! He was the real King and there was plenty to go around!

The girls were everywhere and wanting to prove they could have sex as much as men had to be a total geek not get laid regularly in the Haight-Ashbury between 1965 and 1970. Hell, I knew some total geeks, and they WERE getting laid regularly! It was a free for really was. So, my experience with all kinds of women went into overdrive and the numbers began to climb.

I'm an artist, and ALL artists share one trait: we are observant. You have to be to be an artist. All this experience was going in and it was being logged, you know?

Then I moved to England and played drums in rock bands and toured all through Europe. First of all, being an American in England in the 70's was so unusual, that women made themselves available to me at the drop of a hat. Pubs are everywhere, and they are filled with women. Lots of opportunity. I would have them all around me just to listen to my accent...the way girls in America do with English men. And English women aren't hung up about sex the way many American women are. The fact that I am 6'3" was a bonus then as most English men were much smaller. When you play rock and roll, there are girls at every gig and you pretty much have your pick...and though I'm a drummer, I became a picker! Most musicians say the main reason they get into music in the first place isn't for the money, it's for the cooze.

I moved to LA in the late 70's and formed a band...more women. I then moved back to England in the early 90's, met many lovely young women who were au pairs from all over Europe, and was having a very good time. I even moved in with an 18 year-old virgin doll from the Czech Republic who was the sweetest girl I have ever known.

Elana had to go back to university in the Czech Republic and met her future husband there. I was performing again in London when I met the most incredible person I have ever met in my life. That she was a she and tall and stunningly beautiful sealed it for me in a millisecond. This was Jasmine, and she inspired The Book of Love.

Jasmine lived in Spain. I began to write daily letters to her and realized that there was a lot of unconscious information I possessed that should be written down properly in a book. Jasmine disappeared because she couldn't handle our supercharged situation, compounded with our distance from each other and the fact that she never wanted to leave Spain. I wrote The Book of Love for her and because of her. She pulled all the disparate experience I had gained in life and focused it so I could write it all down. She is a very spiritual woman of incredible natural wisdom and intelligence. Her spirit lives within me.

My muse.

The Book of Love charts women's behavior by what they DO...not by what they say they do or THINK they do...but how they act in real-life situations time after time...where the rubber meets the road. That's what makes The Book of Love different from any other book out there on's the real scoop from the women themselves with no spin, and it doesn't get more real than that. You'll be surprised at what they do time after time, and WHY they do it! This knowledge gives you tremendous leverage with them. You'll understand more about their behavior than they do!

If there was a way I could guarantee the book, I gives you everything you need to be successful and to be the best lover any woman you make love to has ever had. And, you will meet your soulmate and will your life ever change and grow like you wouldn't believe. You'll have the Key to Life which will open ANY door you wish.


About the author

Paul Olsen is an artist born in San Francisco whose works include some of the most popular psychedelic posters of the 60's, fine art paintings that have appeared in many films including Woody Allen's "Play It Again, Sam," movie titles including Terminator 2 and The Abyss for James Cameron, the classic Robin Trower album cover series, plus titles for many TV stations and shows. He also airbrushed all the surface detail on the Starship Enterprise for the first Star Trek movie.
Paul is also an accomplished drummer and has played with top blues, soul, and rock musicians in both America and England
Paul is working on several books and screenplays, directing a series of videos starring his brother-in-law, and promoting his children's books and preparing for a full-length animated feature of one of them. Though The Book of Love was written mostly in England, he currently lives in LA.

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